pe plastic injection molds

Fittings for PPRC pipes, bearing critical importance in the drinking water, because of the high-pressure (PN25) exerted on them, require high accuracy in calculating the thickness and in the process of developing the model.

Especially to prevent the problem of shrinkage of the melt material in the linking elements and leakage at high pressures, it is important to properly calculate the behavior of materials in the molding process.

For this reason, all of our production, we strictly adhere to the norms DIN 8077, 8078, 16962 and 11755 TSE TS EN ISO 15874.

PPRC pipe fitting diameters:

Ø20 mm Ø63 mm
Ø25 mm Ø75 mm
Ø32 mm Ø90 mm
Ø40 mm Ø110 mm
Ø50 mm Ø125 mm

Polinar can design and produce any diameter of PE molds, please contact us for more information.